Our Story

Our Story

Our story started over ten years ago. Both Stacey and Judy were Station Managers in their respective markets for Radio Disney. This was a time of transition for Radio Disney as it was being folded into the Disney family of brands. It was a tremendous time of opportunity within the division for Radio Disney to create and develop its role within the company. While developing Radio Disney under the Disney brand, Stacey and Judy had the opportunity to develop and test unique, client focused, successful, engaging marketing events for the community, each tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Stacey and Judy were recognized as leaders and innovators within the business unit time and time again. They consistently led the way in development of ideas that were implemented across all the Radio Disney station. Both Stacey and Judy worked tremendously well together and relied on each other’s creativity and ability to strategize in developing unique programs.

When Disney decided to restructure its Radio Disney division, and close the doors of its local radio stations. Red Shoe Productions was born…

When one door closes another one opens. Many of the clients in Portland and Sacramento were quickly noting the void of Radio Disney’s departure in the local market place and quick to comment to both Stacey and Judy that it is a business opportunity that you should seriously consider.

Therefore, in typical Stacey and Judy fashion, the conclusion was clear….We should do it and we did!

Red Shoe Productions is a full-service company that strives to create experiences that are unique, engaging, interactive, inspirational, memorable and experiential. Creating the magical moments is what we strive to do every step of the way while portraying companies in a positive and relative format.

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